James is born December 6th at 4:02am in Summersville, WV.


James starts Kindergarden.


1st Grade


2nd Grade


3rd Grade. James is utterly destroyed when he finds out his babysitter, Molly Stevens, has a boyfriend.


4th grade


5th grade


6th grade


7th grade


8th grade. James has his first kiss with a close friend of his cousin's during summer vacation. She tastes like coca-cola and doritos.


Starts Freshamn Year. James begins to date Lindsey Miller at the start of football season. They last until Christmas when she breaks up with him for a trumpet player in the band.


Starts Sophomore Year. Starts seeing Christina (Chrissy) Peters. They begin dating in October when James asks her to homecoming and break-up in April after she cheats on while on vacation with her family over spring break. James has his first time with her.


Starts Junior Year.


Starts Senior Year


James loses his father in May 2001 in a skydiving accident. James begins BMT at Lackland Air Force Base in August 6, 2001. Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX. (8.5 weeks). Graduate BMT October 3, 2001. Airmen's week, then is immediately placed in a prep course for trainees preparing for the indoctrination course for Pararescue. (6 weeks)


James passes the PAST with flying colors and is allowed to participate in the Indoctrination course. After making it through hell week, James spends the next nearly two years "enduring the suck". He goes through some of the most physically disabling and soul-crushing training of his entire life. Of the 200 men who started the class, only 26 graduated. James is one of them.

NOV TO THE END OF THE YEAR: Pararescue/Combat Rescue Officer Indoctrination Course, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas (9 weeks)


JAN-FEB: Pararescue/Combat Rescue Officer Indoctrination Course, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas (9 weeks)
FEB: Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, Georgia (3 weeks) "BEAT YOUR BOOTS"
FEB-MARCH: Air Force Combat Diver Course, Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center, Naval Support Activity Panama City, Florida (5.5 weeks)
MARCH: Navy Underwater Egress Training, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida (1 day)
APRIL: Air Force Basic Survival School (SERE), Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington (2.5 weeks)
APRIL - MAY: Army Military Free Fall Parachutist School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona (5 weeks)
JUNE - NEXT YEAR: Pararescue EMT-Paramedic Training, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (37 weeks)


JUNE (2003) - FEB: Pararescue EMT-Paramedic Training, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (37 weeks)
FEB-AUGUST: Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (24 weeks)
AUGUST - END OF THE YEAR: Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (24 weeks


AUGUST (2004) - END OF JAN: Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course, Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico (24 weeks
James graduates the Pararescue program and is one of 26 men who complete the training to earn his maroon berret.

30 days off at the end of JAN for leave.

347th Rescue Group: Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.
August 2005: Hurricane Katrina


347th Rescue Group: Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.


58th Rescue Squadron: Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada


Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma) WA (22nd Special Tactics Squadron). James starts dating Sam Valente.


Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma) WA (22nd Special Tactics Squadron).
DEPLOYMENT: Camp Lemonier, Djibouti/Horn of Africa May to November


DEPLOYMENT: July is prime fighting season to Kandahar, Afghanistan. This is James' first real taste of the war and it catches him off guard. It takes him a good two and a half weeks to settle into from the initial shock, but he catches up quickly and learns fast on the job. The lead pararescueman on their team goes out of his way to help guide James. *LOSS OF A FRIEND/TEAMMATE IN AUGUST OF 2010. NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE DETAILS*. James's deployment ends and he returns home in December where he gets 30 days to spend with his family before he needs to return to Tacoma.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma) WA (22nd Special Tactics Squadron).


DEPLOYMENT:James injured in a helicopter crash and due to the nature of his injuries, is returned home earlier than usual. He goes through physical therapy to recover.

James is honorably discharged and moves to Seattle to live with a friend of his who served in his same unit and got out a few years earlier.

James breaks-up with Samantha at the end of the year due to the move, saying maybe they need to start seeing other people and see what else is out there.


James meets Morrigan MacNamera and falls stupid headover heels in love with her.

Friend helps get James his foot and gets him a job as a flight medic.


James proposes to Morrigan. That same year James enlists in the Air Force Reserves. He signs on a contract for 6 years - Portland Intl Airport OR (304th Rescue Squadron)


James and Morrigan are married.
James and Morrigan divorce due to emotional distance and some untreated C-PTSD on James' part. He attempts therapy briefly in an attempt to repair their marriage, but it doesn't help.
James starts a quiet affair with the flight nurse he is usually paired with, Renee Hawkins, at the start of 2017. Renee is unhappily married, with two kids, and ten years his senior. Their relationship started discrete, but by the summer everyone at work knows James is sleeping with her and looking the other way. Toward the end of the summer, James begins seeing and casually hooking up with ???. They have a saucy affair, and she suspects James is seeing Renee but he denies it. It isn't until one night when he leaves his phone out that he gets a series of dirty texts from Renee and reveals the truth to her. She is wildly upset and kicks him out. The two stop talking.
James bumps into Morrigan in Jan after they have a chance meeting in Germany. Renee quickly asks for reassignment when she finds out and is immediately replaced by ???. James and Morrigan are divorced by July when it is revealed James slept with Renee again while on work trip that kept the crew overnight when she filled in for the new coworker. Tension is weird at work after.

Already in talks to a vetern buddy who is working with the Seattle FD, he gets James' foot in the door. After applying, passing the tests, physicals, and interviews, James starts at the Fire academy. Due to his other training, he is able to skirt around parts of the program and joins the FD by the end of the year. He meets Nick here.
In the June, James begins seeing Esme. They begin a casual fling and by the end of September, decide they need to cool it off.

James completes his 6 year contract with the Air Force Reserves.

In between his flings, James regularly hits up Mel McCallister, a local reporter and daughter of a democratic politian in the area. She takes the realtionship seriously, and but he doesn't. Mid December, James bumps into Selah at a paintball game. The two hit it off right away and start a friends with benefits situation that lasts through the new year.
James ends his relationship entirely with Mel McCallister in Jan 2020. It ends disasterously.

James starts seeing Celeste in Feb of 2020 casually, by May 2020 the pair enter an exclusive relationship.

James decides to re-enlist in the Air Force Reserves in July and he starts his service again in August.

James enters the MEDIC ONE program in May to become a fulltime paramedic again, exceptions are made for him due to his background as a Pararescue jumper. He's not happy about needing to redo his paramedic education when he is already a practicing paramedic, but he's getting paid full wage for the education so he doesn't bitch.


James proposes to Celeste in March and they plan for an October wedding. In May 2021 James completes the Medic ONE program with Nick and the two are put to work with the medic units. By the end of June, Celeste and James break up due to emotional distance.